10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support in 2020

A game like basketball is very sporty as well as enormous. Basketball players are engaged in various physical activities such as jumping, hopping, sprinting and exercising. Injuries and arches are very common in such a sport. Players undergo various sprains and strains on back and foot while playing basketball to prevent ankle injuries it is essential to wear the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Ankle injuries are the worst things a player can even experience as it makes you unstable for a long time and therefore, you cannot perform due to it. It does not matter whether you play as a professional or just for fun, ankle injuries are prone to this game because of a sudden twist or turn. However, you can surely get rid of this issue by wearing appropriate ankle support shoes.

There are only a few basketball players who never went through ankle injuries, else, it is very common to address ankle as well as other such disorders. Only performing well is not essential, taking care of our body and feet is also equally crucial.

Given below is a list of some supportive and best basketball shoes for ankle support to help you stay stable and prevent foot injuries. By selecting from these shoes, you might eradicate uneven twists, sprains, and injuries.

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Best Basketball Shoes with Ankle support

1. Nike Lebron Soldier XIII

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

These Nike Lebron Soldier 13 shoes are our first choice for the list of best ankle support shoes. The Lebron shoes are stylish enough to surely select them, and along with the style these shoes are really very comfortable and supportive.

Why we like this shoe

These shoes have a special traction quality which makes them very special. The outsoles of these shoes are appropriate to perform adequate traction and enhances the grip of the wearer on the court.

Cushioning of Nike Lebron is worth cherishing, the midsole of these shoes are appropriately fine. The heel of this footwear is cushioned and provide a comfortable experience. Nike Lebron is remarkable for the bounce and spring feeling they provide the wearer with.

Apart from traction and cushioning, the protection given by these shoes is more than enough. The stylish lace-up makes them solid and protective. In addition to this, the most important aspect of these shoes protects your ankle from injuries and provides a great amount of ankle support.

Reasons To Buy

  • Rubber outsole with herringbone traction
  • High top silhouette with the extended tongue for support and classic style.
  • Foam midsole
  • Great ankle support
  • Great design

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2. Under Armour Men’s Jet Basketball Shoe

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

The Under Armour men’s jet mid basketball shoes are specially designed for immense ankle support. The high tops of these shoes protect the ankle, support them and prevent sprains and injuries.

Why we like this shoe

The rubber sole of this pair is extremely soft, appropriately cushioned and comfortable enough for our best and hard-working basketball players. These shoes are made up of UA threadbone fleece fabric which makes them soft and comfortable.

The upper mesh of Under Armour jet shoes are extremely breathable and gives an odorless experience. These shoes provide excellent support and stability with increased comfort. The EVA midsole of this footwear is equipped in the midsole and the insole to provide immense support.

As the topic suggests, these shoes are for ankle support for basketball players and are very durable with a renowned brand name with appropriate synthetic material.

Reasons To Buy

  • Enhanced cushioning around ankle corner
  • Rubber outsole with unique traction pattern
  • Ventilated mesh midfoot panel
  • Molded heel for locked-in support
  • Synthetic textile upper

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3. Nike Zoom Rize

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

Nike Zoom Rize men’s shoes are one of the most adorable shoes from our collection of the best basketball shoe collection for ankle support. This footwear enhances the mobility of the foot smoothly and makes the move look effortless.

Why we like this shoe

The inner collars of these shoes are appropriately padded and provide comfort at the ankle and heel position. The cushioning of these Nike Zoom shoes is extremely comfortable, the Zoom Air feature enhances the responsiveness of this footwear and helps the player experience excellent shock absorption.

These shoes have an appropriate lockdown of the foot, in order to avoid sprains and injuries. The high top arch of this footwear is quite stylish as well as protective. The forefoot can be protected and cushioned adequately tp provide a better experience.

The material of the mesh is not very extraordinary but gives good experiences with ankle support and grip. Another important aspect of these shoes is the fit, the fit of this footwear is true to size with a proper encasing of the forefoot.

Reasons To Buy

  • External heel counter helps to stabilize and lock in your ankle
  • Great bouncy cushion
  • Engineered mesh material
  • padded inner collar
  • Foam midsole

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Basketball shoes with good ankle support

4. Adidas Men’s Streetfire Basketball Shoe

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

These shoes are one of the elegant pairs of basketball shoes with ankle support. Adidas men’s streetfire basketball shoes are designed with synthetic as well as a textile material. This pair can be worn outside as well as in the court because of its stylish look.

Why we like this shoe

The upper mesh of these shoes is breathable to enhance breathability and ventilation of the footwear and also the foot. These shoes consist of an ortholite sockliner enhances foot comfort and support.

The high collar of these shoes protect the feet and especially the ankle. These are considered to be very comfortable, the cloud foam midsole makes the on-court experience very effortless and easy going for the players.

Apart from comfort and cushioning, these shoes are really good at absorbing shock and enhancing grip. The durability of these shoes is wonderful and can help players in making a good choice. The bounce on the heel is appropriately balanced and enhances stability.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight breathable mesh upper
  • Padded around the ankle provides comfort
  • Cloudfoam midsole for superior cushioning
  • Great ankle support
  • Great design

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5. Nike Kyrie 6

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

When we talk about the best shoes for basketball, Nike Kyrie 6 shoes are the best option to buy. These shoes are one of the most amazing and comfortable shoes for the basketball players.

Why we like this shoe

Kyrie 6 provide appropriate traction and comfort in order to protect the player’s foot from slipping. These shoes provide proper traction from toe to foot in any court you play, irrespective of the type of footwork you have. No matter what you stay in touch with the ground always.

These Nike shoes have excellent cushioning which makes the experience comfortable and stable. The bounce of these shoes is of great importance for on-court performance and durability. The material of these shoes keeps the foot stiff without any stress on the footer player.

These shoes are very durable yet comfortable and possess the qualities of good and supportive footwear. If we talk about the fit, kyrie 9 runs a bit small, so one order half a size extra to be comfortable and stable. These shoes have remarkable arch support and they lock down the feet to make them stable at their place.

Reasons To Buy

  • Synthetic leather and textile upper material
  • External heel piece prevents ankle slipping
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Zoom turbo cushioning
  • Amazing traction

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6. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

These Adidas performance crazy explosive basketball shoes are made up of 100% synthetic and textile material. The rubber sole of these shoes is a bit different with considerable high topped arches.

Why we like this shoe

This footwear has excellent responsiveness and traction. The energy provided by the foot gets extracted by the shoes. Apart from the brand name, this footwear actually turns out to be really very comfortable.

The rubber sole provides complete support and appropriate bounce during the performance. The cushioning of this footwear is very responsive and comfortable along with enhanced stability. The Xeno upper makes space for the foot inside the shoe while providing ventilation.

These shoes do not exert pressure on the player because of the updated lacing system. This footwear has various colors and sizes and the fit of these shoes is regular. The material is very durable and appropriate for outdoor games.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight, breathable upper design
  • Infinity shanks for midfoot stability
  • Full length boost sole
  • Power traction sole
  • Great ankle support

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Best Basketball shoes for bad ankles

7. Under Armour Men’s Drive 4 Premium

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

The Under Armour men’s drive 4 premium basketball shoes are one of the tops picks in our collection. These are made up of leather and textile to provide the utmost comfort and support. Drive 4 is one of the widely loved shoes for ankle support and protection.

Why we like this shoe

The ankle support of these shoes is excellent. The ankle collars are actually very efficient to prevent injuries and to provide support and stability. The collar is stiff but very protective. The footwear is not very flexible but is good for support and stability.

The traction of these shoes is remarkable and they provide great shock absorption. The cushioning of these shoes is perfect and offers toe to foot cushioning for better comfort. The cushioning is very soft and durable and helps the player to feel fresh and stressfree. The high top arch helps in avoiding strains and injuries.

The rubber sole of these drive 4 shoes are extremely comfortable and enable the player to get the appropriate bounce and support at the heel to avoid backache.

Reasons To Buy

  • Toe wrap improves forefoot flexibility
  • Molded ankle collar for greater structure and extended support
  • External heel counter
  • Underfoot cushioning and support
  • Good ankle support

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8. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

These Under Armour men’s curry 3Zero basketball shoes are one of the coolest sneakers for ankle protection. Traction pf these shoes is something remarkable and provides excellent support. The traction is not only limited to clean and smooth courts but is also helpful in rough and duty outdoor courts.

Why we like this shoe

The material of these shoes is less premium but is enough for a great performance at a reasonable price. This shoe provides great lockdown and ankle support to prevent injuries and uneasiness. The forefoot and heel area of these shoes is flexible with the appropriate lockdown.

People who want low leg support with mid-top arches can go for this option without confusion. Cushioning of these shoes is balanced and provides a great amount of transition from toe to heel. The ankle collars of the shoes are adjustable, soft as well as stiff in the right amount to provide comfort.

Along with excellent ankle collar protection, this footwear features appropriate grip and balance too. These shoes are very durable and can be worn for a long time at a reasonable price.

Reasons To Buy

  • Signature detailed traction pattern for maximum floor control and grip
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Adjustable heel stability
  • Locked-in stability through heel
  • Great design

Editor Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

9. Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 5

Best basketball shoes for ankle support

About the shoe

Adidas, as a brand is itself way popular for sports, clothes, and shoes and is actually designed according to the need for the sport. These Adidas performance men’s D rose shoes are one of the best basketball shoes for ankle support.

Why we like this shoe

Traction is an essential feature of every shoe for basketball and Adidas gives the essential feature in its D rose 5 boost shoes. The pattern on the sole of these shoes provides excellent support and grip. These shoes are made up of leather and mesh to ensure breathability.

The cushioning of these shoes is extremely comfortable and responsive, these help in absorbing shock adequately. The collar of these shoes helps the player is experiencing the flexibility of a low top shoe with great ankle support and protection.

These shoes are really very supportive and provide an enhanced grip on all surfaces. Along with comfort and support, these are really durable and can be worn for a longer period of time.

Reasons To Buy

  • Synthetic leather upper for durability and lightweight
  • Full length boost cushioning
  • New collar design with a unique cut
  • Great ankle support
  • Great design

Editor Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

10. Adidas D.o.n. Issue #1 Basketball Shoe

About the shoe

These Adidas men DON issue basketball shoes are considered one of the best shoes for playing basketball. These shoes are appropriate for players as the sport involves jumping and frequent sprints.

Why we like this shoe

These shoes are extremely comfortable and give the perfect fit to keep the player easy going throughout the sport. These are considered the best ones for adequate traction and grip on the ground. They do not let you slip on the court and ensures perfection in performance.

The cushioning of these shoes is excellent and Provides extra comfort while playing. The outer soles of these shoes are neither too thin nor too thick and provide the perfect bounce. These shoes give adequate bounce in order to achieve the goals.

The upper mesh is breathable and assures an odorless experience. This footwear combines the lightest materials and makes it a lightweight pair. Along with breathability, these shoes are true to size with an outstanding fit. The midsole cages the foot at the right place without letting it move unnecessarily.

Reasons To Buy

  • Multi-directional herringbone pattern outsole
  • Propulsion clip for lateral stability
  • Bounce cushioning
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Great stability

Editor Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Best basketball shoes for ankle support Buyer’s guide

How did we select the best basketball shoes with ankle support?

best ankle support basketball shoes

Finding and selecting these wonderful basketball shoes was also a task for us and you surely must be thinking how do we select things and on what basis.

Selecting shoes for our viewers is our sole duty and so is providing all of you with the best possible yet unique shoe options. We’ll help you know the method of selection so that you never get a chance to doubt our authenticity.

We, at speciallyshoes.com, try to give our best in order to serve you better, while keeping in mind all your needs on the basketball court. Firstly, we surveyed professional basketball players and asked them about their choices regarding their choices.

Secondly, we researched about the feedbacks and reviews of people who have actually used these shoes, that too from various genuine platforms. In addition to this, we have also had a talk with some of the targeted brands regarding the design and material of these shoes.

What should we look for while buying basketball shoes for bad ankle support?

It becomes very difficult to find shoes with 2 enormous qualities which would actually match our needs and budget. Sometimes, we end up choosing shoes that are not capable of handling enough foot stress and result in strains and injuries.

One should never compromise for safety while choosing any kind of sports equipment. We never know when are we going to get a sprain or a jerk. Either professional or unprofessional, both should be aware of the consequences of non-safe equipment or shoes while playing.

Wearing comfortable and excellent quality of shoes is essential to avoid foot stress and injuries on the ankle. There’s always been confusion regarding the choice of basketball shoes for better support.

Shoes with a lot of extra material on the ankle become heavy and intolerable for the player. The jumps would be uncomfortable. The shock absorption would also turn out to be inappropriate. This can be very dangerous for your ankles because they play an important role in our daily life.

A lot of pressure is exerted on the ankles and therefore, they must be protected with appropriate kind of shoes. In this contemporary world, we have a wide variety of choices at various price rates.

There are 3 kinds of ankle tops; high, mid and low and can be selected according to individual preferences. The ideal shoe will contribute enough support to protect your ankles.

A pair with appropriate arch collars and lightweight material will help you stay protected and stable. Very high tops and bulky collar would increase the risk of strain and other dangerous injuries.

Which features you need to check upon? 

There are various features one should always keep in mind while selecting basketball shoes to ensure excellent comfort and graceful performance. Some of the essential ones are mentioned below.

-Ankle support

Games such as basketball need great support and stability of the foot while playing as the person frequently hops and jumps and therefore he/she is prone to ankle injuries and discomfort.

It is very important to select shoes accordingly and prefer shoes that are specially designed for basketball players. Some shoes have high tops, which helps in protecting the ankle from being injured with high collar protection.

On the other hand, we have mid and low top shoes which are more flecks and offer some ankle collar protection. Mid and low top shoes are light in weight unlike the bulkiness of high shaft collars. These are easy to carry but provide limited protection. Your choice will surely affect your game.

-Cushioning of the shoe

The Cushioning of the shoes is a very important aspect for the players. Cushioning provides protection and comfort to the foot. An appropriate amount of cushioning is very important for a wonderful performance.

Your shoes must have enough cushioning to get support and comfort without making it snug. An appropriate shoe is that in which both heel and toe area are fully cushioned. These kinds of shoes help you stay safe and protected.

Appropriate and adequate cushioning helps in avoiding the chances of muscle tearing and fractures, be it minor or major. You should avoid shoes that aren’t adequately padded because they will hurt you and it would have an adverse effect on our foot and ankle.

-The lacing system of the shoes

Various types of shoes have different lacing system, some have unique lace-ups while others are simple. Choosing the right one would really help you to get the best fit.

Some people go for easy lace-ups which are not difficult to tie, some want to give time to their laces and need a lockdown of the foot while some are comfortable in no lace-up shoes which are really easy to put on and off. However, lace-ups are the best kind of shoes to gain the perfect fit.

-The material of the shoes

The material of your basketball shoes is very important to look upon while selecting the best basketball shoes. If the material of the shoe is not good and durable, you will have to change your shoes in no time i.e very quickly.

Using high-quality materials is the best way to provide better fit and comfort to the player. Materials such as leather upper and rubber outsole are excellent to design durable and amazing pair of basketball shoes. There are also some new and reasonable materials for basketball shoes such as synthetic mesh that enables breathability. It depends upon an individual and their own preference.

-Design of the footwear

Along with fit, lace-up, comfort, material and cushioning design and style of the shoes is also an important feature, not the most important aspect but it is evident while selecting the best pair of shoes for basketball.

Nowadays, there are numerous designs to look for along with appropriate comfort. We should make sure that along with look and design, they have all other useful features.

What basketball shoes have the best ankle support?

Basketball ball shoes are specially designed for players with comfortable and suitable materials. High collared shoes are very comfortable and are considered to be the best kind of basketball shoes for ankle support. Low and mid-tops are also good, but if you’re the person who needs the best, then go for high tops.

Are basketball shoes good for ankle support?

Obviously, yes they are. They are equipped with features that make them suitable for playing basketball while reducing the risk of sprain and fractures and providing adequate support.

What shoes are best for ankle support?

Shoes that are comfortable and stable are appropriate for good support. High tops are much better than low and mid tops as they provide more stability and provide protection to the ankle while landing and jumping.

Are high top shoes better for ankles?

No doubt, high top shoes are the best kind of shoes for ankle support. High top collared shoes are more supportive and protective although they are not much flexible but they are ideal for increased support.

What are some of the common ankle injuries?

1. Ligament tears This is one of the painful ankle injuries. This issue takes place when the player doesn’t get enough support. The alignment of the ligaments get changed and make the situation vulnerable.

The ligaments are torn and may require surgery and proper rest for some days. This may eventually worsen the condition of the player and he would have to stay away from the court for numerous days in order to get well again.

2. Sprains – This is an unusual stretch in the muscles that happens very often in the game of basketball and this issue takes place when the player does not wear proper shoes made for basketball. The shoes have little or no ankle support.

A sprained ankle is really very painful, it swells and makes the situation worse for the person suffering from it. It will take ample time to recover and get back to the court. Better is to take precautions and proper basketball shoes to protect your ankle.

3. Fractures – This is one of the most common injuries that basketball players undergo. Frequent hopping and uneven landing may cause a dangerous injury along with a heavy impact. If you wear improper and uneven shoes, you might undergo a major injury too.

Wearing inappropriate shoe force you not to get in contact with the ground in the right manner and with the right force.

Stress fractures are very common in this sport, in this the players get small cracks in their ankle bones and need a long treatment, otherwise, it can also result in large fractures which will mark a long term halt in their profession. The player will suffer immense pain.

Who should use basketball shoes?

A basketball player should pay ample attention to the equipment and things he’s going to use. This helps the player to stay safe and protected. Best basketball shoes with ankle support are a must when you need to give your best and perform well. It is very important for players who have faced injuries.

Why do we need to select the appropriate pair of basketball shoes?

If you do not use adequate and specially designed shoes for basketball, you will surely have a great fall and various injuries.

If you get various injuries, you would not be able to play for a long time and a senior treatment would be needed. Even if you recover, it would be difficult to come back easily and you will have to limit yourself.

An appropriate pair of basketball shoes will protect your ankle and protect your foot from any injuries also it will be adequately cushioned to help the player get a smooth experience.

What should we look for in basketball shoes for ankle support?

There are various things to look for while buying a good pair of basketball shoes. One of the most important features for the best shoes with ankle support is the style and design of the shoe. Appropriately designed shoes avoid the risk of injuries and sprains.

We have 3 choices in the market, low tops, mid-tops, and high tops. Out of these, mid and low top shoes are less protective but more flexible. Whereas, high top shoes are bulky, less flexible but provide utmost support to the ankle with full protection.


Every player and every game has different needs and rules, accordingly, they need particular safety measures. Basketball is a game that needs comfort, effort, attentiveness, hard work, and comfortable footwear to perform well.

One of the essential features a basketball shoe must-have is ankle support. It’s the most aspect and should be surely checked while buying and selecting shoes for basketball. What should you do then? You should find the appropriate ones and go for them. From where? We at speciallyshoes.com are here to assist you.

We have chosen the best basketball shoes for ankle support for you. These shoes have all those features that are needed for playing your level best in the court. Each of the shoes is enormous with amazing design and features. Keep yourself going and select the one you like.

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