11 best basketball shoes in 2020 [April]

Basketball is one of the most exciting games. It includes running, jumping, sprinting, etc. The performance of an individual is very important in the game. This sporty game is popular worldwide and has gained the attraction of various people. Along with performance, stamina and looks a comfortable pair of shoes is also necessary for basketball players. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best shoes for basketball in order to perform in an excellent way.

As performance is important to play any sport or game, shoes are one of the most important factors to achieve your goal. An appropriate pair of basketball shoes require a different engineered design and should be extremely comfortable with performing. It is extremely difficult to choose a perfect pair of basketball shoes because of the increased giant market.

To buy the best basketball shoes one must consider various characteristics which are extremely important for players.

🢂 The ideal basketball shoes would be comfortable and provide accurate traction. These shoes should have appropriate cushioning on the footbed.

🢂 Your basketball shoes must have excellent shock absorption with adequate stability to prevent the ankle to roll and hurt the player.

🢂 The soles of your sneakers should be thick to uphold grip and support.

🢂 Shoes should be stable enough to go through cuts and crossovers.

🢂 The size of the shoes also plays a vital role in keeping the foot tight and stable.

If you’re confused about your selection of buying the best basketball shoes which are currently in and are actually helpful for a sport like a basketball, you are in the right place. We at speciallyshoes.com are here to help you with the best options to buy the best shoes for basketball.

Here, you can get the best and selective options to make your game more exciting and to build your confidence. Given below is a list of some amazing shoes for basketball players in order to improve the game.

Best Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Zoom KD12

Best basketball shoes

These Nike Zoom KD12 basketball shoes are one of our top picks for the year 2020. These shoes have the latest innovation of Nike Air zoom technology which provides the user with immense energy all game long. These shoes are appropriate for the perfect shape of your foot.

These shoes enhance performance and increase confidence while playing. The cushioning of these shoes is perfect to match with the basketball court in order to provide you with remarkable comfort. The adequate cushioning also helps in proper support to the foot.

This pair has special air technology in the heel, in order to make you bounce evenly on the court and play well. The directional for way cables are designed in such a way so that you feel stable at the fly lockdown. They help you perform better and relax when you are not in motion.

These shoes are excellent and extremely light in weight, making them fully comfortable and suitable. These Nike shoes are designed with a durable upper mesh in order to keep you going for a long run. The upper mesh is breathable and supports the foot both, inside out. Along with reduced weight, these are super flexible and help in the easy twist and turn.

Reasons To Buy

  • Full-length Zoom cushioning
  • A rubber outsoles offer excellent traction
  • Lightweight flexibility
  • A textile and synthetic upper provide strength, flexibility, and breathability
  • Excellent lockdown

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2. Adidas D.o.n. Issue #1

Best basketball shoes

These Adidas men DON issue basketball shoes are considered one of the best shoes for playing basketball. These shoes are appropriate for players as the sport involves jumping and frequent sprints.

These shoes are extremely comfortable and give the perfect fit to keep the player easy going throughout the sport. These are considered the best ones for adequate traction and grip on the ground. They do not let you slip on the court and ensures perfection in performance.

The cushioning of these shoes is excellent and Provides extra comfort while playing. The outer soles of these shoes are neither too thin nor too thick and provide the perfect bounce. These shoes give adequate bounce in order to achieve the goals.

The upper mesh is breathable and assures an odorless experience. This footwear combines the lightest materials and makes it a lightweight pair. Along with breathability, these shoes are true to size with an outstanding fit. The midsole cages the foot at the right place without letting it move unnecessarily.

Reasons To Buy

  • Multi-directional herringbone pattern outsole
  • Propulsion clip for lateral stability
  • Bounce cushioning
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Great stability

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3. Nike Kyrie 6

Best basketball shoes

When we talk about the best shoes for basketball, Nike Kyrie 6 shoes are the best option to buy. These shoes are one of the most amazing and comfortable shoes for the basketball players.

These shoes provide appropriate traction and comfort in order to protect the player’s foot from slipping. These shoes provide proper traction from toe to foot in any court you play, irrespective of the type of footwork you have. No matter what you stay in touch with the ground always.

This Nike shoes have excellent cushioning which makes the experience comfortable and stable. The bounce of these shoes is of great importance for on-court performance and durability. The material of these shoes keeps the foot stiff without any stress on the footer player.

These shoes are very durable yet comfortable and possess the qualities of good and supportive footwear. If we talk about the fit, kyrie 9 runs a bit small, so one order half a size extra to be comfortable and stable. These shoes have remarkable arch support and they lock down the feet to make them stable at their place.

Reasons To Buy

  • Synthetic leather and textile upper material
  • External heel piece prevents ankle slipping
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Zoom turbo cushioning
  • Amazing traction

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4. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3Zero 3

Best basketball shoes

The Under Armour Curry 3zero.3 basketball shoes are available in four colors and are very comfortable for people who frequently jump and stay active, as needed by the game. These are very essential if we talk about breathability.

These shoes have a breathable mesh to enhance breathability and provide an odorless experience to the player by keeping the foot protected from excessive moisture. These shoes also keep the player protected from strains and injuries.

The cushioning of these shoes is extremely comfortable and provides comfort and stability throughout the foot. This footwear has ankle collar cushioning which helps in improving the stability of the foot along with superior comfort. These shoes have been featured with EVA sock liners to enhance midfoot cushioning and support.

These shoes have excellent shock-absorbing technology and they enhance traction. These shoes make sure that the foot stays in contact with the ground and maintain grip, in order to enrich the performance. Along with other excellent features these shoes are super durable.

Reasons To Buy

  • Enhanced cushioning around the ankle collar for comfort and heel stability
  • Herringbone traction pattern to provide maximum floor control & grip
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Underfoot cushioning
  • Great design

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Top basketball shoes

5. Jordan Jumpman Pro Leather

Best basketball shoes

These Jordan Jumpman pro multitasking basketball shoes are one of a kind. These are super trendy and fashionable playing shoes specially designed for players who have taken up basketball as their career. These shoes have an excellent look along with super comfortable features.

These shoes are made up of full grain leather with excellent upper mesh that provides a perfect lock feel on the foot. These basketball shoes feature perfect zoom air cushioning which helps the user feel stable and supported throughout his game. The mid-foot shank of this footwear enhances support to the foot in order to avoid injuries.

These shoes have a groovy heel pull tab which makes the shoes comfortable and suitable at the same time. The upper mesh is super breathable and ensures proper ventilation if the foot to avoid odor. The EVA midsole ensures excellent comfort and support to the wearer in order to help you in giving your best on the court.

These shoes have a mind-blowing shock absorption technology which makes it a better option and helps the wearer to stay on the court all game long. These are light in weight and have a synthetic upper mesh making it very durable and worth giving a try.

Reasons To Buy

  • Rubber outsole for excellent traction and stability
  • Foam midsole for lightweight comfort and support
  • Leather and synthetic upper
  • Cushioned heel collar for ankle support
  • Great design

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6. Nike Lebron Xvii Men’s

Best basketball shoes

These Nike Lebron XVii men’s shoes are appropriate for basketball players who are active all the time with large heel support. These shoes have a groovy look along with various outstanding features. Nike Lebron gives a quick response to the foot to enhance performance.

These shoes are extremely comfortable at the ankle with wide ankle collars and a traditional tongue. These are really very easy to put on take-off and provide a comfortable locked-in feel to the foot. The cushioning of this footwear is extremely comfortable and stable.

The stabilizing plastic grip of the clip wraps around the heel to keep you stable. Nike, being one of the biggest sports company has designed one of the best basketball shoes with remarkable features. The resilient midsole of this shoe makes the player confident about his moves and the rubber outsole ensures proper bounce and traction of the foot.

Reasons To Buy

  • Resilient foam midsole
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Cushioned heel collar
  • Great design
  • Comfortable

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7. Adidas Men’s Pro Next

Best basketball shoes

Adidas men’s pro next basketball shoes have a synthetic sole with mid to top shaft measures. These are one of the most comfortable and fashionable basketball shoes. Cushioning of these shoes are adequate and provide enough comfort and support to the foot.

The ankle support of these shoes is worth cherishing and provide extra support. These are extremely light in weight and are easy to carry. The traction of these shoes is remarkable and also helps the players to be in contact with the ground to prevent injuries.

These shoes are equipped with durable rubber sole which makes the heel pain-free and comfortable enough to perform effortlessly. The lace-up the closure of these shoes provides a perfect fit with appropriate foot shape. These shoes provide the utmost traction and have an excellent shock absorbing feature which enhances performance.

Reasons To Buy

  • Excellent ankle support
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • Leather and mesh upper
  • High abrasion toe cap

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8. Under Armour Lockdown 4

Best basketball shoes

These under armour men’s lockdown 4 shoes are one of our top picks for basketball players. These shoes are extremely versatile and 100% synthetic. These are truly breathable and will keep your feet odorless.

Wearing these would help you feel boundless and you’d be able to hop frequently without any hassle. The molded synthetic upper makes them a perfect pair with an appropriate fit. The weight of these shoes is extremely light and therefore they are comfortable.

Along with a responsive fit and groovy look, these shoes are excellent for their breathability. The sockliner is really supportive and enhances under sole cushioning. The EVA midsole makes them very comfortable and stable throughout the performance.

The outer sole and heel part is enormous with tremendous traction and grip. The soft foam in the heels make a smooth bounce, and the overall material of the footwear makes it super durable and long-lasting.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight, super breathable sockliner
  • Rubber outsole with multi-level adaptive traction patterns
  • Molded synthetic upper
  • Sleek and comfortable
  • Great traction

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Coolest basketball shoes

9. Adidas Harden Vol. 4 Basketball shoe

Best basketball shoes

One of the peppy Adidas harden 4 vol shoes are specially designed for players who are into basketball. These shoes are of a regular fit with an eye-catchy lacing system that makes the shoes more attractive and groovy.

The upper part of the shoes is equipped with textiles and helps in decent shape and fit. The shoe also features a band on the midfoot area which ensures proper lockdown and stability of the foot. The super-light cushioning of these shoes is one of the most important features to consider it as the best basketball shoes.

The rubber outsole provides appropriate traction in order to maintain contact with the ground of the court. The outer rubber in the forefoot is very supportive and helps in proper grip while sprinting and hopping.

The lightstrike of these shoes also prevent foot pain and fatigue. These are very soft and comfortable from inside. Last but not least, the bounce and durability of these shoes are commendable and outstanding.

Reasons To Buy

  • Textile upper with the midfoot band for great Lockdown and Stability
  • Lightstrile midsole cushioned for dynamic speed and comfort
  • Ultra cushioned tongue and heel
  • Rubber outsole with traction pattern
  • Unique lacing system

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10. Jordan Why Not Zer0.2 Basketball Shoes

Best basketball shoes

Nike men’s Jordan why not zero.2 shoes are featured for basketball players especially. This footwear has two part sole design which makes it attractive and multi-functional on the court. Players can experience a lightweight eye catching moment while wearing these shoes.

These shoes have a circular traction pattern to enhance grip and easiness while performing. The extra layers on the forefoot provide grip and stability to the foot, in order to maintain stability and comfort.

The zoom air technology in the forefoot enhances the lockdown of the foot and a responsive fit. These shoes have injected phylon to increase the bounce of the shoe while walking and hoping to make it more comfortable.

The fit of these shoes is regular and doesn’t run large. The TPU plates make the midfoot and heel section supportive. These shoes also offer somewhat flexibility on the toe area, making it a comfortable pair.

Reasons To Buy

  • Forefoot Zoom air unit provides lightweight, responsive cushioning
  • Midfoot strap to secure your foot for added stability
  • Rubber outsole with an aggressive traction pattern
  • Lightweight upper
  • Great design

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11. Nike Zoom Freak 1

The Nike Zoom Freak 1 shoes are one of a kind with various mind-blowing features in it. The traction if these shoes can be considered as fine. They are great for clean courts basically. These shoes feature solid rubber sole throughout the footwear.

The cushioning in the forefoot is a bit less but it is full-fledged in the heel side to make it comfortable for the player while hopping and sprinting. These are designed and equipped with breathable and lightweight materials to enhance breathability and comfort.

The Nike zoom freak 1 fits true to its size and provides a regular fit. These shoes are comfortable and suitable for players who play on indoor grounds. These shoes somewhat stand on the checklist of the important factors.

These shoes are truly supportive and stable with appropriate flexibility at some points. Due to the enhanced midsole, the foot stays at its place and does not move unnecessarily. It is a good choice for players provided by one of the brands.

Reasons To Buy

  • Forefoot lockdown
  • Double stacked cushioning
  • Multidirectional traction
  • Resilient foam midsole
  • Great design

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Best Basketball shoes Buyer’s guide

How to find comfortable basketball shoes?

Finding and browsing the shoes is easy, but finding the perfect pair which will actually suit you is quite difficult because of the wide variety of choices nowadays.

We’re here to solve this problem and help you to choose the best one for you. The list of shoes given above serves each and every aspect a player may want in his shoes to perform well.

We’ll try to solve your queries in the coming sections and will surely make it easy for you to select the best pair of shoes for you. Coming paragraphs would help you to understand the impactful characteristics a basketball shoe should include. 

Types of basketball shoes

High top

High top basketball shoes came earlier, and are renowned as one of the safest shoes for basketball players. These kinds of shoes have high ankle collars to protect the ankle and provide extra support.

These are perfectly cushioned on the ankle and are appropriate for people who go through injuries by wearing low ankle shoes. These are less flexible but more safe.


Mid-top shoes fall under the category of moderate shoes, they come between high and low top silhouettes. They cater to the characteristics of kinds of tops, good mobility, and flexibility along with appropriate ankle support and stability.

These are good for those who don’t need much flexibility and also don’t worry about the enhanced ankle collars.

Low top

Shoes which have a low cut and do not have long ankle collars are considered to be low cut shoes. These shoes are more flexible and are light in terms of weight. These are not for those who have big sized feet, and for those who need more stability and support.

These shoes can profit players who don’t need the bulkiness of such high top shoes and like to keep their footwear light and more flexible to stay easy on the court.

Some characteristics to be considered while buying the best basketball shoes

1. Cushioning

The cushioning of basketball shoes is one of the most important aspects to consider. Cushioning of these shoes depends upon the heaviness of the player. If you are a heavyweight person, you need enough cushioning and soft foam to support your feet. Heavy people exert more pressure on their joints and are suggested to wear fully cushioned shoes.

Nowadays, the market is really huge and every brand and company have their particularly cushioned shoes. Every shoe is designed for various characteristics with countless cushioning technologies. The most popular cushioning technology is Zoom air and EVA. There are various brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armour who provide utmost cushioning in basketball shoes. Adequate traction is important to perform well and become an extraordinary player.

2. Traction

It is the property of footwear that enables the players to take cross cuts on the court. Traction is a very important quality of footwear. It prevents slippage which provides easiness while changing directions.

The amount of traction depends on 2 essential factors:-

🢂 Traction pattern- One of the best types of traction pattern is the “Herringbone” pattern. The narrow designed zig-zag pattern helps in enhanced grip and appropriate contact with the ground. These zig-zag tractions do not let dust get stuck on the sole and prevent injuries while changing directions.

Best basketball shoes

Herringbone traction pattern is the most popular and helpful from all other traction patterns. This pattern has been the most successful one, preventing injuries and slippage on all kinds of courts.

🢂 The compound of the shoe- The type of compound used in the shoe is very important as it helps the players from getting injured while attempting twists and turns. The compound present on the sole of the shoe is very important. The best compound for the sole is the rubber compound.

The rubber compound provides the best grip than synthetic or any other material. The rubber compound is soft and comfortable, and also provide some adequate bounce.

Apart from the material of the compound, another important aspect is the thickness of the compound. Thicker compounds are appropriate for outdoor courts, where the surface of the floor can be rough and stressful for the shoes. Whereas for indoor courts, the thickness of the compound is less and the shoes have a thin sole to avoid bulkiness.

3. Support

Support is again one of the most crucial aspects of basketball shoes. When we hear the word “support”, we imagine long bulky high collared shoes, but this is not true anymore. Low top shoes can also provide adequate support, it just depends on individual preference.

The common support characteristics are the outrigger of the shoe, this can be seen in almost all basketball shoes. It is an extension on the outer sole, on the base of the shoemaking it wider and supportive. This characteristic prevents the foot from rolling and protects the feet.

Another important feature of a basketball shoe is the lockdown of the foot. The foot should be appropriately locked so that it doesn’t fall off and remains stable. Midfoot shanks are also important to provide support at the footbed and heels.

4. Fit

Fit is one of the most crucial aspects to consider while selecting the best basketball shoe. One should be adequately locked in the footwear so that the player does not face instability. In order to stay at the respective position, the fit of the shoe plays a crucial role. The fit of the shoe should be excellent so that the foot does not move left to right and back to front, rather stay stable.

If your shoes are tight initially, it’s fine they might open up a bit to fit in but those which are already a bit loose won’t help you anytime. Given above is a list of shoes which can ensure you about their exact fit.

5. The material of the shoe

Basketball shoes have a wide variety of materials to be used on them. It depends on the individual preference to choose from them. Materials can be leather, mesh, synthetic, etc.

Leather and synthetic mesh are a bit stiff initially but become soft by some period of time. High technology materials like Adidas prime knit are comfortable from the beginning and turn out to be more durable. One should choose the best one in accordance with performance as well as their affordability.

6. Weight of the shoe

The weight of the shoes can be one of the most essential factors and has the ability to create a huge difference. Different shoes fall under different weight categories. Low top shoes are the lightest and help the player to experience a feather-light performance. Mid-top shoes carry moderate weight. High top shoes are the heaviest.

The weight of the shoe matters and should be selected as per the needs of the players. Usually, lightweight shoes are more comfortable and enhance mobility. Heavy shoes provide enhanced ankle collar support and are less flexible.

Best basketball sneakers FAQ’S

Q. Which are the best performance basketball shoes?

If you want to improve your performance it is very important to make an effort and work hard. Another important factor is the perfect type of shoes. To enhance your performance, it is very important to wear the right type of sneakers.

High top shoes are a bit bulky and heavy but provide enough arch and ankle support and stability. Low tops are designed for better mobility and speed and enable to perform better. Mid tops are accurate for all types of players on the court. These are appropriately responsive and cushioned.

Shoes with adequate traction and cushioning covert your performance into energy and increase your stamina while playing. Comfortable shoes help you avoid opponents. The right amount of comfort, traction, cushioning, breathability, fit and size can always help you enhance your game.

Q. Are high top shoes better for basketball?

High top shoes are heavy and bulky than mid and low tops but they provide extra support and benefits. They are up to the ankle length, they have more support and stability. These shoes prevent injuries and foot stress.

Many people doubt opting for high top shoes as they are old, heavy and bulky, but they are actually more supportive. Although they are less flexible. In the case of low tops, they are very light, flexible with no or less ankle collars but tend to be less protective.

Q. Can we wear running shoes while playing basketball?

Design of the running shoeRunning shoes are designed for runners with appropriate cushioning and are fully flexible. Running shoes are very light in weight. One thing common in both, running and basketball shoes is the cushioning of these shoes.

Risk regarding inappropriate shoes while playing basketball– Shoes with inaccuracy can lead to injuries. Players should wisely select their playing shoes. Bad and inappropriate shoes can lead to various issues in the leg, hips, ankle and of course lower back. By the time, these issues become serious and cause numerous problems and will become an obstacle while playing the game.

Design of basketball shoes– There’s obviously a noticeable difference between running shoes and basketball shoes. Running shoes are light and small whereas basketball shoes are heavy and large. The sole of the basketball shoes is rigid and stiff with different traction pattern. These shoes basically ankle friendly and provide extra support to the ankle.

How can we play basketball in a better way?

Be Adventurous – stay fearless and play your game. Don’t fear the game of your opponents stay adventurous and face the challenges on the court. Don’t have the fear of failure. If you will fail, you’re surely gonna rise too. The most important factor is you should not lower your self-esteem and keep on working towards your goal.

Quit complaining – we are responsible for our actions as well as it’s results. We cannot point anyone else for our own deeds. What we sow is what we harvest therefore, we should give our best and support ourselves. We should stop complaining about things and work for our aim. We should eliminate excuses and emotional distractions.

Know your position – one should not think and take care of what other players are doing and practicing, we should know our role and play our part with full dedication and determination.

Analyze the game – whatever we are taught to do we should learn it in the best possible way and never let our inappropriate actions make us weak in front of anyone. There are various sources on the internet to get better information about the game and the techniques. One should go through them and give their best on the field.

Motivate and train your body – if you love to play this game, you must train your body both mentally and physically in order to prevent any issue and problems and keep you going forward. You must work upon your stability, speed, fitness, and stamina in order to remain active.

Give full effort – one should always give 100% effort and attention to their game to enhance the performance and get good remarks. In order to achieve the goal and play flawlessly, one should always keep trying, work hard, pay full attention and give the needed effort to win the game.

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