Best Dancing Shoes for Hip Hop, Salsa, Zumba in 2020

Dancing is one of the most glamorous physical activity one can go for. Either it’s your hobby or you are into it professionally. Dancers are an integral part of any multicultural country and therefore are praised worldwide. Dancers need to take care of their bodies, clothes especially their shoes. For that very reason, we’re here to provide you with the best dancing shoes.

As we already know dancers are known to put life in any event or as well as in our daily lives. In order to stay the same, they need to keep themselves safe and wear extremely safe and comfortable footwear. Dancers need to select appropriate and best shoes for dancing to make all the moves effortlessly.

Dancers are full of life with the utmost style and flexibility. Therefore, they should get the best for them. Be it shoes, platform, or clothes. Given below is a list of best dancing shoes to keep you going and make your moves peppy. No confusion, best solution!

Best dancing shoes for hip hop

1. Bloch Dance Women’s Boost Sneaker

Best Dancing Shoes

Bloch dance shoes are well known in the dance industry and placed number one in our top dancing shoes list. The four-part high-density man-made outsole gives you amazing 360 turns while dancing and the suede heel grip with DRT cushioned heel is made for great comfort and shock absorption. This shoe provides a good range of movement and support to your foot while you dance on the floor and considered one of the best shoes for hip-hop dancing.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • The outsole of the sneaker is made on a high arch with a lightweight high-performance material.
  • The leather and mesh upper provide a good range of support and movement to your foot when dancing.
  • Built-in arch support and elevation to accentuate the arch.
  • The man-made outsole with spin spot provides a 360-degree turn while dancing.
  • The best lacing system for great fit and supports.
  • The Dri-lex lining is breathable and odor-resistant.
  • Great design and under budget shoes.

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2. Pastry Glam Pie Glitter High-Top Sneaker 

Best Dancing Shoes

These pastry high-top shoes are ideal for those who love hip-hop dancing. These sneakers are very light in weight and comfortable, the high-top collars provide great support to your ankles while dancing on a stage. The shoes are very flexible and the rubber outsole gives you great stability to your foot on any surface. Pastry glam pie glitter is budget-friendly and the best shoes for dancing.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • The flexible and great traction rubber outsole.
  • These shoes will keep you looking great on or off stage.
  • The cushioned footbed gives great comfort to your foot while dancing on the floor.
  • There is a pull tab at heel for easy on and off the shoes.
  • This shoe is available in multiple color variations.
  • The shoes are very durable and budget-friendly.
  • The best eye-catching and comfortable shoes.

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3. Capezio Canvas Dance Sneaker

Best Dancing Shoes

The Carpezio Canvas Dance Sneaker are very famous between dancers. These shoes are lightweight, breathable and easy to washable. Carpezio canvas are one of the best shoes for dancing and you can use these shoes for hip hop, salsa and zumba. The removable EVA footbed gives you great comfort and protect your foot while dancing on the floor. It can be the best option for you, if you need extremely comfortable shoes for hip-hop, salsa and zumba.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • The shoe is very lightweight and extremely comfortable.
  • Best for hip-hop, zumba and salsa.
  • The PU outsole with built-in flex points and forefoot spin spot.
  • Great traction and stability control.
  • Slip-resitant shoes
  • Durable and great design.
  • Suggested by DYTTO (the Famous dancer)

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4. Alexandra Glitter High Top Dance Sneaker

Best Dancing Shoes

The Alexandra Glitter High Top Dance Sneaker is specially made for hip-hop dance lovers. Shimmer insets and shine with foil insets make these shoes very attractive and the shoe features an all-black durable rubber outsole with great stability. The memory foam insole of the shoe makes this very comfortable while dancing. If you need the best hip-hop dance shoes then these shoes can be the best option for you.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • The all-black durable rubber outsole provides great stability while dancing.
  • The memory foam insole gives great comfort to your foot.
  • Perfect for dancers of all skills level and disciplines.
  • Great style and attractive shoes.
  • Specially made for hip-hop dancers.
  • These shoes provide great support to your ankle.
  • Available in multiple color variations.

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Best Dancing shoes for Ballroom and Salsa

5. Women’s Ballroom Dance Shoes 

Best Dancing Shoes

This Women’s Ballroom Shoes is very lightweight and makes your move very smoothly and freely. These shoes are very beautuful, comfortable, stylish and budget friendly. The fitting of this shoe is very great and you can even dance whole the day wearing these shoes. The shoe is very supportive and flexible and the cushioned insole for shock absorption and provide you good grip while dancing on the floor.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • These shoes are best for ballroom, salsa, cha-cha, rumba, hustle, party wedding, and social dancing.
  • These shoes are very lightweight and made for professional dancers.
  • This Women’s ballroom shoe is very beautiful, stylish and affordable in price.
  • Very comfortable while dancing, you can even dance all day or night with these shoes.
  • This shoe provides great support and flexibility to your foot while dancing.
  • Cushioned insole provides great comfort and grip to your foot.
  • Available in multiple color variations.

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6. Very Fine Women’s Salsa Ballroom Tango Dance Shoes

Best Dancing Shoes

These shoes are made for those who wanted beautiful and stylish dance shoes that are budget-friendly and are of good quality. This Very Fine Women’s Salsa Ballroom shoe is very durable and lightweight. These shoes are very comfortable and the shoe buckle and clip provides instant slip and release for more support and flexibility while you dancing on the floor. It can be considered as one of the best shoes for dancing and also good for tango, rumba, cha-cha, disco, and samba, etc.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • These shoes are very stylish, lightweight and are of great quality.
  • The shoe buckle and clip provide instant slip and release for great support and flexibility.
  • Best for ballroom, salsa, rumba, cha-cha, disco, party dance.
  • These are specially made for dancers.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • Shoe available in multiple unique color variations.
  • Slip-resistant and stable shoe.

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7. Lady’s Ballroom Fabric and Meshmps Dance Shoes

These shoes are one of the best shoes for dancing with great quality and affordable prices. The non-slip heel features a metal shank embedded from the heel part of the shoe to release pressure and provides great comfort while dancing. They have strict quality control in the material which makes these dance shoes more soft, comfortable and durable. If you are a salsa and ballroom lover then you can go with these shoes.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • These shoes are slip resistant and provides great stability when dancing.
  • The heel features a metal shank embedded from the heel part of the shoe to release pressure.
  • Best shoes for Salsa and Ballroom dance.
  • Great design and colors.
  • Specially made for professional dancers.
  • Budget friendly shoes.
  • Soft, comfortable and durable shoes

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8. STELLE 2″ Character Shoes for Women

Best Dancing Shoes

STELLE Brand founded by a mom who loves dancing and art. This shoe is made of high quality and leather upper and the round toe design gives your foot flexibility. The cushioned memory foam provides great comfort to your foot. These shoes are made for those who suffer from high heels and foot pain, if you are suffering from foot pain then you can go with this option. Stelle shoe is perfect for salsa, ballroom, theatre play, daily work and the best shoes for dancing.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • Affordable price and hight quality shoes.
  • Round toe design for flexibility.
  • Cushioned memory foam for great comfort.
  • Very comfortable and all purpose shoes.
  • Made for those who suffer from foot pain.
  • Attached adjustable ankle strap with a pin buckle.
  • Best for salsa and ballroom dance.

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Best Dancing shoes for Zumba

9. Ryka Women’s Devotion XT Cross Trainer

This Ryka Women’s Devotion XT cross trainer is ideal for Zumba dance lovers and one of the best shoes for dancing. The cushioned midsole provides great comfort while dancing and the pivot point makes every twist and turn very smooth and easy. The responsive cushioning for shock absorption and gives great protection to your foot while dancing. This shoe is specially made for women’s unique foot shape, muscle, and movements. If you need a particular Zumba shoe then it can be a perfect option for you.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • The responsive cushioning for shock absorption and great protection.
  • This shoe is specially made for women’s unique foot shape and muscles.
  • The pivot point makes your every twist and turns very smoothly.
  • Best shoes for Zumba and freestyle dance.
  • Available in multiple color variations.
  • Provides Great stability to your foot.
  • Very comfortable and lightweight shoes.

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10. PUMA Pacer Next Cage Sneaker

The Puma Pacer Next Cage Sneaker is a great option for men’s Zumba dancing shoes. The midsole with a soft injected mold Eva compound to deliver great cushioning and a rubber outsole provides great quality grip and traction while dancing. The soft foam sockliner provides superior cushioning and great comfort to your every step. This shoe is the best shoes for dancing and cardio. The silhouette features a breathable mesh upper and a TPU cage for added support.

Features & Benefits of the shoe

  • EVA midsole for great cushioning and support.
  • The rubber outsole provides a great quality grip and traction.
  • Breathable mesh upper.
  • TPU cage for added support.
  • Best shoes for Zumba dancing.
  • Available in multiple color variations.
  • Very durable and budget-friendly shoes.

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Best Dancing Shoes Buyer’s Guide

Undoubtedly dancing is one of the best physical activities along with lots of fun. Dance does not only keeps you flexible but also fit and helps to burn calories. For some great and powerful dance moves, you need to make sure that you choose the best dancing shoes. To select the perfect dance shoes we’ve prepared a buyer guide to help you out in a better way.

What to consider while buying best dancing shoes?

some of the common, as well as the main characteristic of the best shoes for dancing, are given below. Kindly give it a read, it would be worth spending your time with us at For all the information read the features given below.

Ankle and arch support

The perfect su[port at the ankle is ideal for a perfect dance performance and for all the dance styles. This support on the arch and the ankle ensures graceful moves without any injuries. Your dancing shoes should have appropriate cushioning on the ankle area to perform jumps and moves effortlessly.

You may never neglect arch and ankle support in your shoes if you’re using them for dancing. This support will protect your foot, ligaments and would keep you away from injuries and sprains.

Size of your shoes

Ideally, it is suggested worldwide to wear the right and accurate size of your shoe. Not only for dancing but for every other venture. Accurate shoe size especially for dancing is very important and directly impacts your performance.

It would lead to your well being as well as you will enhance your self-confidence wearing the right and best dancing shoe. You will be provided with an accurate size chart with all the shoes mentioned above.


The most important thing while selecting the best shoes for dancing is the fit of your shoe. Your shoe must fit you well and you must feel comfortable in them.

When we talk about the fit of a shoe, we basically consider the shape and size of it. it is very important that your shoe has a suitable shape to help you with your moves.


As dancing involves numerous spins, hops, and movements, you must wear a shoe with premium comfort to give your foot some sort of rest. While dancing, your feet are under a lot of pressure and therefore, to make it easier for yourself, you must opt for comfortable dance shoes.

In order to get excellent comfort, optimum cushioning is necessary. This feature also helps to protect you and your body parts from getting injured. After a lot of surveying according to us, the EVA midsole can be your first choice in terms of comfort and better cushioning.

Cost of the shoe

After various essential features, comes the cost. There are shoes of all types of prices but it totally depends on your budget, about what type of shoe you want and how costly they could be.

Your cost bearing capacity can help you select shoes for dancing. Another factor related to the cost of any footwear is the brand you go for.

We at care for your budget along with the best features in footwear, shoes provided above are of all categories according to the cost and we can make sure they won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


If you need the best dancing shoes, your shoes must have an adequate amount of traction for appropriate moves. For best traction, rubber sole is the adequate option as it won’t let you slip and will keep you stable while moving.

Due to appropriate traction and sole you would be able to balance yourself and avoid mishappenings.


This feature of dancing shoes is actually really very important. As you dance, every part of the body starts sweating even your feet. This feature of your dancing shoe will avoid sweat from your foot.

You can’t move well with sweat in your feet and therefore, your shoes must be breathable in order to eradicate sweat and odor.

Types of Dancing shoes

best dancing shoes

Hip-Hop dancing shoes- This form of dance includes hops and jumps simultaneously. These shoes provide accurate stability and balance.

Ballet- Ballet shoes should be thin and soft and are made up of leather. These shoes are very thin and have elasticity. These types of shoes enhance flexibility.

Latin- These shoes are groovy and stylish with short heels for elegant moves.

Western- This dance style is accompanied by boots, with thick and sharp heels and is created from leather fr better support and comfort.

Centemporary- This dance style can be performed with various types of shoes, ballet, hip-hop and latin.

Dancing shoes FAQ’s

Q. How do i know the right dancing shoes that will suit me?

You must consider some features to get a suitable pair of best dancing shoes. Such features include comfort as you have to wear them for long periods, the shape of the shoe, flexibility and good quality materials.

You can opt for comfortable sneakers or platform heels according to your needs.

Q. How can I make my dancing shoes last longer?

Taking proper care of your shoes can help you take them longer. Your shoes should always be kept dry and moisture-free. You can use bristle brushes to clean them along with dry cloth or tissue paper.

Q. Is the shape of foot important in choosing the best dancing shoes?

If you know the shape of your foot, it becomes easier for you to select appropriate shoes. As some of us have narrow feet, some wide therefore we must select shoes accordingly. To get the right shoes right fit and shape is essential.

Q. What are the most comfortable shoes?

Shoes with adequate cushioning and EVA midsole are best in terms of comfort.

Q. Are dancing shoes comfortable?

Yes, dancing shoes are truly comfortable as they are designed with all those features which makes them stable as well as comfortable.


Dancing is an amazing activity and takes a lot of stamina to perform well. If you want to expand the area of your dancing, you must take care of your foot and for that, you must select the best shoes for dancing.

Wearing the right shoes will help you perform better, in an excellent manner and would avoid any kind of sprains and injuries. The comfort and support of the best dancing shoes will ensure effortless performance.

We at always try to resolve all your problems and answer all your questions in order to treat you better and avoid any confusion, especially while selecting shoes.

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