14 Best Shoes For Flat Feet [Reviews & Guide]

Flat feet or flat foot is a very common disorder that has already captured 20-30% of the total population. Flat foot is a condition in which the entire foot touches the ground without any curve on the foot. It can occur for various reasons; hereditary, wearing incorrect footwear, inappropriate arch support, and an injury. Treatment of flat feet cannot assure complete cure but surely you can try to make your foot condition better by wearing the best shoes for flat feet.

Flat feet can cause extreme pain and uneasiness on the foot, it is self diagnosable. One can easily get assured by examining the shape of the foot which doesn’t include the curve of the arch. People having flat feet undergo numerous problems at every point of life while performing various activities. One of the ways to feel comfortable while suffering from flat feet disorder is to wear appropriate flat feet shoes.

Flat foot is not an illness or a disease rather it is a disorder that makes you conscious at times. This disorder basically turns your feet inward and causes stress not only to the feet but also at the back muscles and hips. This situation is also known as overpronation. Flat foot halts people from doing activities such as running and jumping but these can be done easily by wearing the appropriate and best shoes for flat feet.

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The Best Shoes for Flat Feet

1. Brooks Men’s Ghost 11

These shoes are appropriate for people suffering from flat foot and are not able to take part in extensive physical activities such as running and jumping. Brooks men ghost 11 running shoes provide a sporty look and a comfortable experience.

These shoes have a breathable upper mesh with accurate foot support in order to enhance arch support and are ideal for physical activities. These shoes are smooth and promise a stable ride.

Brooks Ghost 11 are newly made and ensure a soft and secure fit, in order to reduce pain and for adequate stretch. The cushioning of these shoes make them balanced and responsive. These are super durable and lighter than ever.

Apart from being comfortable and appropriate for people suffering from flat feet, these are super soft and protective. These also add extra lift to your stride while running.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Breathable upper
  • Best for running with flat foot
  • Balanced and soft cushioning
  • Great design

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2. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker

These Brooks men’s addictions walking shoes are one of a kind, these are groovy as well as really very comfortable. These are specially designed for the people suffering from flat feet and are in search of appropriate shoes for flat feet.

These are 100% leather shoes, the upper mesh is made up of leather giving the shoes an elegant and classy look. The bottom sole of the shoes is made up of synthetic, a great combination for both, style and durability. These brooks walker shoes are extremely supportive and enhance arch support function.

This pair of brooks men shoes are a great choice for reducing over-pronation and discomfort. These have a flat to medium arch in the insole to enhance comfort and support while dealing with the conditions of flat foot. The inner lining of this footwear is breathable and the lace-up technique makes it more comfortable and fits on the foot, in order to result in a perfect stretch of the foot.

Reasons To Buy

  • The removable insole provides excellent underfoot cushioning
  • Flat-to-medium arch in the insole area for added support
  • Best shoes for walking with flat feet
  • Very comfortable shoes
  • Great design

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3. Skechers Performance Men’s Go Walk 4

These Skechers go walk incredible shoes are one the best shoes for flat feet. These are remarkable for the support they provide on the arches and give a slight curve to the foot in an appropriate manner.

The upper mesh of these shoes is 100% breathable that keeps the footwell oxygenated and dry. The rubber sole makes the walking experience worth cherishing and comfortable. This shoe uses the best tapering technique in order to provide immense arch support and stretch of the foot.

The bamboo-lined footbed of these shoes is extremely helpful for bacteria and odor control. These shoes have a remarkable 5GEN cushioning and comfortable midsole which makes the walk comfortable and suitable for the user.

This pair of flat feet shoes are designed to enable people who suffer from flat feet to come out of their comfort zone and perform activities they want to. These shoes also set a base of how the foot starts getting stretched like a normal foot which has a slight curve.

Reasons To Buy

  • Breathable lightweight and comfortable upper design
  • Tapering midfoot design for improved arch support
  • Synthetic overlays at toe and heel for added durability
  • Athletic mesh fabric upper
  • Great design

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4. Ecco Men’s Helsinki Slip-On

These Ecco men’s Helsinki slip-on shoes are appropriate for a formal look with utmost comfort and support. These are extremely comfortable as well stylish and fulfill the important needs of a person having flat feet.

These shoes are made up of leather and have removable insoles to adjust with the grip and comfort. The inner lining made up of textile ensures breathability and keep the feet dry and odorless.

These shoes are super comfortable and provide enough support and stretch to the foot. Along with the entire show the heel is also cushioned in an appropriate way to reduce heel pain and overpronation. These shoes have excellent shock absorbing technology which ensures a comfortable and suitable experience.

Reasons To Buy

  • Leather upper; leather and textile lining; rubber sole
  • Removable leather insole
  • Moisture absorbent lining for all-day comfort
  • Lightweight shoe
  • Shock absorbent sole

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5. Carhartt Men’s 6-Inch Waterproof Work Boot

Best shoes for flat feet

These Carhartt men’s waterproof wedge soft toe work boots are one of a kind, these are peppy and groovy as well as they provide immense comfort and support to the user. These are stylish to wear and suitable to walk and stretch the foot.

These boots are made up of 100% leather and are designed in a very fashionable manner along with appropriate comfort. The removal insoles are an advantage for people who feel like removing and changing the insoles as per their choices.

These boots are designed and constructed in an excellent way and with premium materials for immense comfort. Both insole and outsole enhances performance and provides stability. The midsole is super comfortable and makes the foot relax in such a position so that it stretches in a correct manner.

These Carhartt boots provide optimal performance and flexibility. These are super durable shoes for flat feet as well in the matter of material. The footbed of the boots is properly cushioned and comfortable which provides the user with confidence and comfort.

Reasons To Buy

  • Great quality and comfortable shoe
  • Best boots for work with flat feet
  • Dual-density rubber outsole and slip-resistant
  • Handsome moc-toe design
  • Oil-tanned leather

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6. Rockport Men’s Rocklake Flat Sandal

Best shoes for flat feet

These Rockport men’s Rocklace flat sandals are an amazing option for people suffering from flat feet and overpronation. These sandals are designed in a way so that the person would feel comfortable and suitable while walking or standing.

These sandals are made up of 100% leather with the combination of synthetic material which makes the footwear comfortable as well as durable. This footwear has adjustable hooks and looks in order to make the shoe experience hassle-free. Apart from being easy to carry and comfortable, these are super stable and strong.

These sandals are designed to be surely light in weight and have excellent shock-absorbing technology. Thanks to the EVA midsole for utmost cushioning and support on the footbed of the sandals. This footwear is super flexible and enables appropriate traction for a smooth ride.

Reasons To Buy

  • Flexible sandal
  • Leather upper
  • Fabric lining
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Round open toe

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7. Saucony Men’s Omni ISO

Best shoes for flat feet

Saucony men’s ISO Omni road running shoes are specially designed for people who suffer from flat foot and are not able to perform well with ordinary shoes. Ordinary shoes make the condition of the foot worse and spread the foot making it shapeless. Therefore, one should always consider the best shoes for flat feet when one diagnoses this disorder.

These Saucony ISO shoes are appropriate for activities such as running and jumping as they provide appropriate traction while the runner is on the running trail, make the ride smooth and easy along with enough support. These shoes are designed with ISOFIT technology to ensure runners with maximum stability.

These are lace-up shoes that give an appropriate and groovy sport look, as the shape of the shoe is well designed and comfortable. The upper mesh is breathable and keeps the feet dry and moisture-free. These shoes give a glove-like feeling after wearing them.

These have appropriate cushioning for and a soft midsole for immense comfort. The rubber sole is designed in a way so that the foot stretches in such a way that the arch support can function well and the foot takes better shape.

Reasons To Buy

  • Lightweight shoe
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Good for arch support
  • Durable shoe
  • Great design

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8. ASICS Women’s GT-1000 7

Best shoes for flat feet

These Asics women running shoes are a good option to buy for women who suffer from flat feet and discomfort of plantar fasciitis. These shoes are extremely comfortable and are ideal for treating flat feet. This footwear ensures maximum support to the foot all day long.

These shoes are extremely supportive and provide adequate stability for runners facing the obstacles of having flat feet. The Gel technology featured the Flytfoam midsole makes the footwear one in millions and way more comfortable.

These shoes are strong enough to protect your feet as well as soft enough to make you feel comfortable and cushioned all day long. These shoes reduce the risk of overpronation and foot pain and control the foot from rolling inward. Asics GT-1000 can be considered as one of the top-selling shoes that have actually helped people suffering from flat feet disorder.

Reasons To Buy

  • Dual-density midsole system for support and stability
  • Breathable upper
  • Durable cushion
  • Great look
  • Very comfortable

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9. Cozy Ankle Women’s Flat Feet Sandal

Best shoes for flat feet

These Cozy ankle women’s diabetic sandals are very comfortable for elderly women who suffer from flat feet disorder and discomfort regarding their footwear. These are extra wide open toe shoes made especially for people suffering from flat feet and arthritis.

These sandals have a rubber sole which keeps the foot stable and provides adequate support. The open design of the sandals makes it appears like a slip-on and also ensures the breathability of the foot to reduce moisture and foot odor. These shoes are extremely adjustable and are easy to put on and off.

These shoes have remarkable insoles which makes them soft and subtle. In addition to this, the heels are puffy and cushioned to provide the user with a comfortable and stable experience. The dual-density rubber outsole helps the shoes to be much more soft and supportive.

Reasons To Buy

  • The new technology provides protection against odors and stains
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Easy to washable
  • Dual-density rubber outsole
  • Lightweight and comfortable

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10. Dansko Women’s Patti Clog

Best shoes for flat feet

These Dansco women’s Patti clogs are one of the best options for the women who are suffering from the uneasiness and pain of having flat feet. These shoes offer remarkable comfort and are easy to put on and off with an amazing look and groovy design.

These are made up of 100% leather and provide appropriate support and stability to the foot while walking and standing for long periods. The rubber soles enable an extremely comfortable ride with a light effect on the foot.

These shoes have an excellent shock absorbing technology which helps the user to get a better experience while suffering from flat feet. The inner soles of these shoes are removable and can be changed and modified as per individual needs.

The triple-density EVA ergonomic footbed of these shoes provides immense arch support and comfort which results in a satisfying walking experience. These clogs have suitable rubber heels to stretch the foot and make the angle that does not develop due to the flat foot syndrome.

Reasons To Buy

  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Very comfortable
  • Stylish slip-on sneakers
  • Excellent fit
  • Great quality

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11. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 19

Best shoes for flat feet

These women’s adrenaline GTS 19 running shoes are ideal for people who suffer from the problem of flat feet and are not able to take part in physical activities like running, jumping and sprinting. These brooks shoes have a fabric upper mesh which increases the breathability of the foot and keeps the foot moistureless.

Brooks GTS shoes provide adequate foot support and also prevents our knee to get injured because of excessive pressure. The guide rails holistic support system ensures the check of the movement of the foot and knee, in order to prevent injuries. This guide rails support system is engineered in the midsole to provide stability.

The durable rubber outsoles enhance traction and make the ride smooth, as a result of fruitful experience. The cushioning of these shoes are ideal for running even if you have flat feet. These can be considered as one of the best shoes for flat feet. With the utmost cushioning, these shoes feature a modernized and comfortable fit with a streamlined look.

Reasons To Buy

  • Very comfortable
  • Soft cushioning
  • Modernized Fit
  • Segmented crash pad
  • Great design

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12. Dansko Women’s Fawna Black Mary Jane

Best shoes for flat feet

Dansco women’s Fawna mary jane shoes are specially designed for women who undergo the problem of flat feet and overpronation. Along with a groovy and stylish look, these are super comfortable and supportive. These shoes have a high arch which makes the ride comfortable and painless.

These shoes maintain the heel level and make them a perfect pick for those suffering from flat feet. The EVA footbed of these shoes is remarkable for comfort and adequate support. The footbed can also be removed and therefore can be adjusted as per individual choices.

The shoes provide appropriate arch support which ensures a painless experience for you. These shoes provide utmost breathability because of the lining of the shoes which also makes them stylish as well as comfortable. The rubber sole of the shoe is very light yet flexible and ensures a perfect grip.

Reasons To Buy

  • Soft textile lining for all-day comfort
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Orthotic shoes
  • Leather upper
  • Durable shoes

Editor Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

13. KEEN Women’s Whisper Sandal

Best shoes for flat feet

The open design of keen women’s whisper sandals will be one of the best options for women who are working and spend most of their time outside. These sandals reduce pain and uneasiness and result in a comfortable and fruitful walking experience.

These sandals are designed with hydrophobic mesh lining that makes them appropriate and comfortable for people having a flat foot. Keen whisper sandals have adequate cushioning which is done by the EVA midsole that ensures utmost. comfort and ensures adequate support to the midfoot.

Keen sandals are designed to keep the foot comfortable and secure throughout the day. The elastic cords of these shoes help in adjusting the sandals as per the individual needs. These sandals are truly amazing and are extremely durable because of their suitable fabric which does not get affected by anything.

The rubber outsoles of the sandals are light in weight and enhance traction and the walking experience.

Reasons To Buy

  • Comfortable sandals
  • Great arch support
  • Durable sandals
  • EVA midsole
  • Rubber toe guard

Editor Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

14. Alegria Women’s Essence

Best shoes for flat feet

These women’s Alegria shoes are our last pick but surely not the least. These are cute, fashionable shoes designed for people having flat foot and foot pain. These shoes are made up of 100% leather and provide a comfortable fit. The synthetic sole of the shoes makes them a good combination of leather and synthetic material.

These shoes have appropriate arch support to save the feet from getting stressed by the inappropriate shoes. The correct arch support helps the person to experience a painless and comfortable ride. These shoes have accurately padded insoles that are ideal for comfort and proper support to the foot.

The midsole of these shoes are excellent for people having flat feet, and it prevents hip and heel pain. The inner sole of these shoes are soft and comfortable, they are accurately cushioned in order to ensure support and easiness in standing and walking.

The outer sole is made up of lightweight rubber which results in proper traction and also has an excellent shock absorbing technology which enhances your performance. These shoes keep the feet stable with the correct amount of stretch and prevent the stress of the foot.

Reasons To Buy

  • Leather upper
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Lace-up closer
  • Slip-resistant
  • Very comfortable

Editor Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What is flat feet? What are its symptoms?

Best shoes for flat feet

Flat feet are a foot disorder that results in fallen arches and less support to the foot. Flat feet are generally falling off the foot on one side without any curves on the foot. This can be seen in one or both the feet and seem to be uneven and painful.

The symptoms of flat feet are very common. One can find their feet really flat and curveless. This might be normal for some and painful for the others. The uneven bodyweight distribution and pain is the main symptom along with the flattened foot muscles. Pain can be felt on the inner side of the foot, arches, knees, and calves.

How is flat feet different from normal feet?

Flat feet and normal feet have a slight difference, the flat feet are generally unsupportive as compared to the normal feet. Flat feet are bent towards one side and prevent any curve on the foot. People having flat feet are not able to distribute their body weight on a different part of the feet that are actually built to cope with the bodyweight accurately.

Flat feet prevents people from doing physical activities, the arch of the foot does not let people get support from the foot while standing or walking. People having flat feet experience foot pain, back pain. However the level of the pain and discomfort can be lowered, flat feet can be treated but can’t be turned back to a normal foot.

On the other hand, a normal foot can cater to all the needs of an individual and can perform as per our bodies. The normal foot has a curvy arch on the foot palm. This helps in adequate distribution of body weight on the foot in order to prevent arches and instability.

Although flat feet are not a disease and can’t be curved, it can be treated and its consequences can be prevented by wearing the correct pair of shoes. There are various brands that manufacture such shoes which have the ability to provide comfort to people having a flat foot. Those shoes are specially designed to stretch the feet and to create a curve on the foot while supporting the entire foot.

What are the causes of flat feet?

Flat feet can occur due to various reasons, there’s no particular reason for having a flat foot. However, numerous reasons can turn out towards the emergence of the flat feet, feel without any curve.

some of the major causes of the flat foot as noted by the doctors are:-

1. Genetics- It could be possible that your parents might be having flat feet and because of that, you underwent the problem of flat feet.

2. Weak arches- Flat feet can be caused due to weak arches, as a result the appropriate arch does not take the body weight and move in another direction.

3. Arthritis- Arthritis can also cause flat foot. This is because of the unevenness of the muscles.

4. Muscular disease- There could some muscular diseases or a weak nervous system due to which the feet is not stable.

5. Foot injury- An injury might be a cause for the flat foot as it can be the displacement of a bone which can change the shape of the foot.

6. Lack of minerals- Not taking minerals and vitamin in appropriate quantity can also lead to the formation of flat foot and result in the dislocation of foot bones which causes flat feet.

There are some of the factors that could be responsible for the accuracy of flat feet. These causes can affect the curve of the foot and can surely result in flat feet.

How can we treat flat feet?

Flat feet can be treated and efforts can be made by various methods one of the essential methods is to wear the correct pair of shoes. however, there are other effective measures to bring a change and a curve on your foot.

People who suffer from weak muscles and weak nervous systems can try to do some yoga exercises which can actually help them to get a slight curve and support on the foot. Apart from support, the exercises will ensure proper arch support and would make your feet stronger.

1. Heel raises- one should stand straight and raise their heels while standing on their forefoot on a leveled ground. One Can do it with the support of a table or any other object. This is to be done for 5 seconds and 4 sets of 15-20 reps. This would ensure stretching of the foot.

2. Toe yoga- one has to lift the toe up and leaving the other fingers to be downwards. Then lift the fingers up and the toe downwards should be done on both the feet. This is to be done for 5 seconds and 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

3. Tennis ball rolls- sit comfortably on a chair and place a tennis ball below of foot, in the middle. Roll the tennis ball below the foot front to back. Repeat on both the feet.

People who have flat feet by birth are prone to more injuries and knee pain. Sometimes the knee starts moving inwards, affecting the posture of the body. Along with choosing the best shoes for flat feet one can go for regular exercise and stretching to stay away from further injuries.

What should we look for while selecting the best shoes for flat feet?

Flat feet should be treated in a very comfortable and gentle way as it cannot be totally cured. It is not a huge devastating illness but has various effects on the human body. Therefore one must take care of the footwear while choosing to treat flat feet.

One should always opt extremely comfortable, supportive and flat feet friendly shoes. Shoes such as Brook men’s ghost 11, Asics women GT and Flat feet sandals are exactly designed and engineered for people having flat feet. These shoes are organized in such a way that they prevent the user from facing aches and injuries.

Comfortable and stable shoes are mainly needed for fighting the problem of flat feet while preventing pain in the heel or foot. Given below are various factors that should be always kept in mind while selecting shoes for flat feet.


This is the most important aspect of the shoes which are to be used by a person having flat feet. Comfortable is the foremost feature any footwear should include. In the case of flat feet, the shoes should be extremely comfortable so that the user would be able to stand and walk for the whole day without any hassle.

Stability and support

This is one of the most important factors for selecting the appropriate shoes for flat foot. Footwear must be stable so that the user wouldn’t find it difficult to walk or stand and would not face any sort of ache and discomfort in the foot. The shoes should be strong and would provide immense support so that the user would be confident about the footwear he/she is using.

The appropriate flat feet shoe would not bend in the middle and should be adequately cushioned. The shoes should be at a particular level to enhance support. The soles of the shoes should be stiff enough to keep you stable. The heel area should be stable so that the foot doesn’t roll inwards. An adequate amount of comfort and cushioning is very essential.


Shoes for the flat foot should be wisely designed and should have an accurate structure. There should be enough support in the heels, as people having flat feet need more particularly designed shoes as compared to normal shoes. The footbed of the shoes should be stiff as well as soft appropriately. The design of the shoe should be comfortable for people having a flat foot.

Different kind of footwear for flat feet

Shoes for running 

We have listed various running shoes for people having flat feet as the demand for shoes for normal is a bit less than people suffering from flat feet. Running shoes for flat feet should be light in weight and breathable in order to provide complete support. Alongside, running shoes should be protective and should protect the wearer from any injuries and aches while running.

Orthotic shoes

These are very comfortable and are specially designed for people having flat feet. The heel counter of these shoes is a bit stiff than other shoes. Orthotic shoes are not very fashionable and of great design but they are actually supportive and protective for people with flat feet.


Sandals are one of the most comfortable footwear for each one of us and especially for people with flat feet. The sandals that actually support flat feet have cushioned and appropriate arch support. These are less stable than shoes but play an important role in a variety of footwear for flat feet. These can be used for short periods of time.

Flat feet shoe FAQs

Question – Which are the best shoes for flat feet?

Answer – The best shoes for flat feet are those which are comfortable, totally cushioned, neither very soft nor very stiff. The right amount of stiffness is very essential for the movement of the foot. Shoes with padded midsoles are appropriate for people suffering from flat feet.

Question – What kind of shoes podiatrists recommend for flat feet?

Answer – According to the podiatrist’s recommendation, a shoe that is breathable and comfortable along with adequate heel support is appropriate for people having a flat foot. An ideal shoe should be light in weight and suitable for the wearer.

Question – What is the best support for flat feet?

Answer – Shoes that have an appropriate arch support system and grip are the best support for flat feet. Shoes that provide remarkable traction along with comfort and stability are of good choice. Shoes that result in extra stress to the foot are prone to injuries and are uncomfortable.

Question – What sneakers are good for flat feet?

Answer – A pair with appropriate cushioning, comfortable footbed, appropriate heel cushioning and adequate stability is good to choose a sneaker for flat feet. Flat foot friendly sneakers should not be extremely soft and should be designed in such a way so that the foot can be stretched a bit. This stretch slightly aligns the shape of the foot and helps in developing a curve.

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