10 Best Tennis Shoes for Men & Women in 2020

Tennis is a very enthusiastic sport and needs proper and adequate equipment and footwear.  To strike the ball quickly and play with perfection, it’s important to select the right equipment’s such as the correct size of racket, lightweight dry-fit clothes and a perfect pair of shoes to play well. Best tennis shoes are the ones which we can provide you with.

Whether you’re a professional tennis player or you play for your interest, it is crucial to opt for shoes that are actually designed to play tennis with all such special features. You can’t wear your daily sports shoes while playing tennis as they won’t meet the requirements of the sport.

Tennis shoes are differently designed and equipped with features that help the player to take a side by side movement and face all the ground cuts. To follow up with the game you need the best shoes for tennis, in order to perform your level best.

All this can happen when you select the perfect and best tennis shoes. Since there are a lot of options regarding the footwear tennis players should select, we’re here on this platform to provide you with the best and extraordinary choices for tennis shoes.

These shoes have been selected for you to decrease your confusion and provide you with the best options with all the features. Given below are some of the top picks for tennis players who need proper comfort while playing. These shoes are the epitome of the best shoes for the tennis category.

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Top Shoes for Tennis (Men)

1. ASICS Men’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoes

best tennis shoes

These Asics Men’s gel resolution 8 tennis shoes are comfortable with a great fit. These are one of the high performing shoes with improved support and stability. Asics Resolution 8 provides a locked-in feel with great stability.

Comfort- These shoes have a comfy fit with the newly introduced gel technology. The gel technology is present in the heel and the midfoot to ensure great comfort. These shoes are designed in a way so that your foot is locked in during quick transition with comfortable experience.

Foot support and Stability- These Asics gel resolution shoes have great stability on the court. These reduce the impact of shock from movements, either hault or go movements. These shoes enhance midfoot support with adequate padded collars.

Traction- Traction of these shoes enhances the experience of the player from fine to great. The locked-in feel promotes significant and quick transitions. The PGUARD toe protector increases and enhances on-court traction and grip.

Overall Soles- The flexion fit upper of these shoes enhance comfort, flexibility, and stability by locking down the foot. The Gel technology combined with flyte foam midsole provides a responsive feel with utmost comfort. The AHAR rubber soles with the herringbone tread pattern increase traction as well as durability.

Reasons To Buy

  • DYNAWRAP integrates for stability and quick transitions
  • PGUARD Toe protector enhanced toe durability
  • 6 months outsole warranty
  • A lighter weight midsole
  • Great support

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2. ASICS Men’s Court FF 2

best tennis shoes

These Asics Men’s court FF2 tennis shoes are made up of some very popular elements, the upper mesh is very light in weight as equipped with TPU materials. These shoes are safe and are reviewed by various tennis players regarding their features.

Comfort- These Asics shoes features flytfoam cushioning which provides great support. Comfort and cushioning of these shoes are adequate and well balanced. The underfoot cushioning is very soft and provides full comfort for a long period of time.

Foot stability and Support- These shoes are designed in order to provide maximum support and stability because of the newly designed upper. These shoes would help the player to stay stable on the court. The PGUARD technology helps in sudden stop without fluctuating the balance of the foot and avoids slippage.

Traction- The traction of these shoes offers excellent grip and stability. The tread pattern on these shoes provides the ultimate response to the floor of the court. The traction is premium in both soft and hard courts. The amazing traction of these shoes avoids slippage and sliding of the foot.

Overall Soles- Upper sole of these shoes are made up of TPU and mesh which provides support and breathability. The midsole consists of flytfoam which makes the shoe lighter in weight and adds rigidity. The outsole of these shoes is made up of rubber and provides an appropriate bounce.

Reasons To Buy

  • SOLYTE insole for a great bounceback
  • Removable ORTHOLITE sockliner for moisture management
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Great support and stability
  • Great cushioning

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3. Adidas Men’s Solecourt Boost

best tennis shoes

These Adidas men’s solecourt boost clay tennis shoes are of premium quality and made up of high-quality materials. These shoes have an excellent fit with a wide toe box for better comfort. These have good strength and have an on-court technology to deal with the game.

Comfort- according to the brand name, the comfort of these shoes matches the expectations of the players. The area from heel to mid-foot is appropriately cushioned, with pronounced arch support. The memory foam at the ankle collar makes the footwear very comfortable and soft.

Foot Support and Stability- these shoes are popular for an excellent locked-in feel. The solecourt boost makes the player stable ay every point, the ankle memory foam avoids slippage and protects the foot. The toe box is wide and the lateral stability of these shoes is great.

Traction- these shoes are superb for its traction and grip. Traction and grip are two important aspects that are totally covered by this footwear. The player can easily cross cut and change directions frequently without any stress on the foot followed by any such injuries. Along with the right amount of brakes, these are compatible with all courts.

Overall soles- The upper sole is made up of TPU materials to keep the foot wrapped and stable especially at the key abrasion points. The midsole is equipped with BOOST technology to make the shoes responsive and provide great support. These shoes have ADIWEAR 6 Outsole to increase stability and traction and durability because of the modified tread pattern.

Reasons To Buy

  • Better abrasion resistance in the toe area
  • Lightweight upper and cushioned midsole
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Durable outsole
  • Great traction

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4. K-Swiss Men’s Ultrashot 2

best tennis shoes

K-Swiss Men’s ultrashot 2 tennis shoes are one of the best tennis shoes. This pair of shoes is comfortable, stable and very durable. These are not feather light but does not seem to be bulky. These shoes help the players to lock down their feet and play at a fast pace.

Comfort- The ultrashot 2 is very comfortable and provides comfort at every point. One can have a blissful experience on the court, it has a padded tongue and collar, light in weight. The forefoot is adequately cushioned and soft.

Foot Support and Stability- The stability and support provided by these shoes are dynamic and premium for players who undergo frequent cuts on the court. These shoes do not let the foot move inappropriately and avoids blisters and toe jamming. These shoes can help you show your aggressive moves on the court.

Traction- These shoes offer a combination of vice grip and traction to the players. This footwear not only provides great traction while you stop but also the right amount of slip when you instantly want to move. Traction is great for the grip and support with adequate and perfect movement.

Overall Soles- The shoe upper is made up of synthetic mesh, equipped with Durawrap XPU for better comfort. The midsole is designed with ortholite sockliner to manage moisture and ventilation. The midsole is light in weight and adds on to stability. The rubber outsole is designed with a herringbone pattern and is really very durable.

Reasons To Buy

  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Textile collar lining
  • Molded rubber outsole & EVA Sockliner
  • Great comfort and durability
  • Great stability shoe

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5. Head Revolt Pro 3.0

best tennis shoes

The new Head Men’s Revolt Pro 3.0 tennis shoes are very light in weight combined with appropriate support. These are very much durable with a new technology upper construction.

Comfort- Revolt Pro 3.0 is quite comfortable and more rigid. The fit is contoured and doesn’t seem to be spread. The upper mesh adds to the comfort and lightweight.

Foot Support and Stability- These shoes are ultimately designed and have the best support and stability with a lightweight experience. The ankle collar is less bulky and provides stability of the foot. Even for the lateral and vertical movements, these shoes provide excellent stability.

Traction- Traction of these shoes seemed to be quite sticky at first, but the grip and rigidity increases by the time. These shoes have enhanced traction, the sticky feel does not let the player slip and rather keeps him stable. The level of grip and slip is appropriately balanced.

Overall Soles- The upper shoe part has PU molded material to increase durability. The EVA sockliner protects the foot and locks them down. The EVA midsole provides enough cushioning with an inbuilt ventilation system. The rubber outsole is designed with a full herringbone tread design pattern for improved traction on all kinds of courts.

Reasons To Buy

  • HEAD’s sole technology for best performance on the court
  • The ultimate protection around the toe and medial side
  • Special rubber compound for best traction and durability
  • Great comfort
  • Great design

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Best Tennis shoes for (Women)

6. Nike Air Zoom Vapor X Knit

best tennis shoes

These Nike Women’s Air Zoom Vapor X Knit tennis shoes are really very impressive and ensure great performance. This pair is very popular regarding its fit and the attractive lacing system. The comfort, support, and stability are excellent. These can be considered as all-rounder shoes.

Comfort- Nike Air Zoom Vapor X has a super comfortable fit and is really very comfortable and soft. The cushioning of this pair is appropriate with high arch support which is very stable and comfortable. These are ultra-soft from inside unlike the earlier version of Vapor X.

Foot Support and Stability- These are considered as one of the supportive and stable pair of tennis players. The upper knit material locks the foot down and avoids improper movements. These shoes have great ankle support to protect the foot from injuries. Upper knit also provides support to the foot during movements.

Traction- Vapor X shoes provide a great amount of grip and traction. The tread pattern of these shoes is excellent for enhanced traction and grip. Players can go through cross cuts in all directions without any issue. Players do not suffer from slippage problems during initial steps.

Overall Soles- The upper sole is designed with bootie construction that ensures support. The knit also ensures breathability and ventilation of the foot. The midsole of these shoes provides great cushioning and comfort with lateral and vertical support. The rubber outsole of this Vapor X shoes is good for traction and change in direction.

Reasons To Buy

  • Herringbone patterns provide Great traction
  • Lightweight and breathable shoe
  • Great cushioning and comfort
  • Synthetic upper
  • Great design

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7. Yonex Power Rev 3 Women’s Clay Court

best tennis shoes

These Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 3 Women’s clay court tennis shoes are of the new brand and offer great attributes. This is a sleek and supportive pair of shoes equipped with responsive cushioned midsoles with a strong lacing system. Apart from comfort and support, these shoes have excellent durability.

Comfort- Fusion Rev 3 is equipped with Yonex cushioning which makes it truly comfortable and soft. The off-center lacing system of these shoes provides a comfortable feel to the player on the court. Cushioning of this footwear is worth cherishing, provides a stressfree and soft experience.

Foot Support and Stability- These shoes provide great support and stability while performing. These are strong enough to keep the foot stable in one position. Cross-cutting in every direction is stressfree and easy going. They have a snug fit that locks the foot to keep it stable.

Traction- Fusion Rev 3 offers a tremendous amount of grip and slip to ensure proper movement of the player. These shoes avoid slippage and hold a perfect grip while moving. These shoes have excellent shock absorption technology and are very durable as well.

Overall soles- The upper sole of this pair is excellent soft along with a double-layered mesh for better comfort. Midsoles of this shoe are equipped with a power cushioning technique to ensure premium comfort on every step and movement. The durable rubber sole enhances traction and increases durability to perform on all courts.

Reasons To Buy

  • The Durable Skin upper provides stability with flexibility for improved agility on the court
  • Tough Brid Light cushioning offers durable, responsive cushioning
  • Inner bootie construction offers a flexible and comfortable fit
  • Great comfort and stability
  • Great design

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8. Nike Women’s Zoom Cage 3

Nike Women’s Zoom Cage 3 tennis shoes are one of the softest and comfortable shoes for tennis players. These are light in weight and are sleek, with utmost comfort and support. These shoes help players to secure and stabilize their feet during directional changes.

Comfort- These shoes are designed with bootie construction to enhance comfort. These are softer than the previous version of the zoom cage. The underfoot cushioning is excellent in terms of comfort as well as stability. Apart from softness, these shoes absorb shock in a better manner.

Foot Stability and Support- These shoes can be considered very much stable on all types of courts. This pair will lock down the feet securely to avoid instability. Along with sleekness theses are really very stable and supportive. Initially, there will be a bit of stiffness that would help you to stay constant.

Traction- The zoom cage 3 shoes provide the utmost traction with herringbone tread pattern soles. The amount of slip is good enough initially and becomes normal after a few days. There might be a little toe jamming while making lateral movements. The grip of these shoes is average but not the best.

Overall soles- The upper sole of this shoe ensures bootie construction with player ventilation of the foot with a secure fit. The midsole of these shoes is equipped with TPU shank for enhanced torsional support. The XDR rubber outsole of zoom cage 3 is very durable and provides adequate traction and stability.

Reasons To Buy

  • Flexible support in the midfoot provides lightweight stability
  • Herringbone outsole provides excellent traction
  • Zoom Air in the heel offers responsive cushioning
  • Great comfort and lightweight
  • Great durability

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9. ASICS Women’s Solution Speed FF

Asics Women’s Solution Speed FF tennis shoes are very popular amongst players nowadays. These are light in weight with great cushioning aspects. This pain provides the players with a low ground feel with adequate comfort.

Comfort- These shoes have been featured with flytfoam cushion technology to increase comfort. Asics speed FF is very much responsive while walking and moving on the court. The toe box is a bit wider than the earlier version to enable full comfort and space.

Foot Support and Stability- Asics speed FF offers great support and stability on court with a low to ground feel to the player. Apart from designed to be light in weight, this pain has the tendency to provide full support to the foot while crosscuts and other such movements. The upper and outer sole provides ultimate support to the player.

Traction- These are sleek and light in weight, but do not compromise with grip and support of the foot. The cross cuts will become easy and graceful along with other movements. The low ground outsoles are both give and grip adequately. The player does not need any extra effort to stop and start.

Overall Soles- The flexion fit upper makes the footwear ultra-cushioned and comfortable on the court. Flytefoam cushioning makes the footwear responsive and much more durable. The rubber outsole with herringbone tread pattern makes the pain excellent for the traction and much more durables.

Reasons To Buy

  • Gel cushioning systems in the rearfoot and forefoot
  • FlyteFoam midsole for excellent cushioning
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Great comfort and support
  • Great design

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10. Adidas Women’s Ubersonic 3 X Parley

The Adidas Women’s Adizero Ubersonic 3X Parley tennis shoes are our last but not the least selection in the category of tennis shoes. These shoes are super dynamic as well as groovy with a coop look. This pair has been designed from recycled materials from water bodies. These are actually very innovative yet terrific regarding the performance.

Comfort- Ubersonic parley shoes can be considered as super comfortable with amazing design and features. This footwear provides plush cushioning and a glove-like experience. The fit is wider but appropriately comfortable. These aren’t low ground but truly ensure a definite and super comfortable experience.

Foot Support and Stability- These shoes are completely stable as well as flexible on the court. The sprint frame construction ensures better stability and support along with a decent design. The performance of ubersonic 3X is impressive in the case of support and stability on the court throughout the performance.

Traction- Traction of this shoe is better than its previous versions. Ubersonic 3X has plenty of slip which is liked by various player However it has a balanced grip as well. Aggressive players who move and slide frequently can be more than happy from this pair. Sprinting with ubersonic has always been smooth.

Overall Soles- Ocean recycle materials to make the upper comfortable and of a regular fit with a soft feel. Great bootie construction can be witnessed. 3D torsion in the midsole makes it stable and supportive. The rubber outsole is much more durable than the other version along with enhanced stability and traction on the court.

Reasons To Buy

  • Sock-like construction hugs the foot
  • Durable Adiwear outsole
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • High-wear durability
  • Mesh upper

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Good Tennis Shoes Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the best tennis shoes

Selecting appropriate and perfect tennis shoes could be a huge and a hardworking task but we, at speciallyshoes.com can surely help you buy the best one to improve your game. Given below are various aspects one should always consider while buying them.

Brand- Tennis shoes need to be comfortable, supportive as well as durable at the same time. They should be made of good quality materials and high technology elements. A renowned brand is very much important to buy the appropriate shoe type. Good brands surely provide a high standard and super impressive shoes.

Price- People say, the price of a shoe does not matter when comfort does. Price is not the priority but comfort and performance are. However, there are types of people who want to keep their shoe budget affordable and reasonable. We tried our best to find such pairs which are at their best prices.

Reviews- Like brands are important, so review. They enable us to know the efficiency of the footwear along with the amount of comfort and other features the shoes deliver. While going through a wide range of products, there are reviews that actually help in making a wise decision. We at speciallyshoes.com have reviewed our shoes on the basis of individual choices and feedbacks. These are really going to help.

Tennis player interview- While throwing light on prospects such as brand, pricing and reviewing, the most likely one is the real suggestion of tennis players. We reviewed various tennis players and managed to take their interview by going the extra mile and gathering the best possible information to make your work easy. We’ve selected shoes which are suggested by the players themselves.

Why do we need the best tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes are designed especially for tennis players, to enhance their performance and avoid injuries and instability. Given below are factors that affect the performance of the tennis players.

Stability of the shoes

Tennis shoes should be fully stable, in order to keep the player stable and constant. Stability enables proper movements either lateral or vertical along with avoiding injuries and disbalance. To ensure stability you must look for shoes that have solid heel and sole along with supportive sole and center arch for better motion control.

Traction of the shoes

Traction of shoes depends on the outer sole, basically the tread pattern which is available in various designs for different types of courts.

You must look for different tread patterns on different courts such as:-

  • Shallow intricate tread for hard and clay courts.
  • Smooth and bouncy rubber soles for indoor courts.
  • Pimple tread for grass courts.

Support by the shoes

You don’t need shoes that do not provide you with adequate support throughout your performance and at every part of your foot. An ideal pair of tennis shoes should have top to heel support with appropriate support.

The durability of the shoes

Tennis shoes or any other sports shoes should be durable in order to be used for a long period of time. Tennis shoes are made up of such material which proves to be very much durable.

Shoes that have solid rubber sole are considered to be durable because they are strong and tough, as well as they enhance traction and grip. The pair with a reinforced toe guard becomes more durable with extra toe protection layer.


The most important feature of any footwear is comfort. Especially in such sport such as tennis, it is very important for the player to ensure comfort while performing.

A comfortable pair of shoes would have proper cushioning along with padded midsole liners to imply softness. The upper sole of the shoe must be breathable and light in weight to avoid overheat and sweat come in between.


Tennis, being an excessive sport should be played with the best equipment and super comfortable shoes. Shoes with adequate cushioning add on to the performance. To avoid discomfort and adverse performance it is crucial to own shoes with padded and cushioned soles.


One of the crucial aspects of tennis shoes is its outsole. The outsole stays in contact with the ground and is responsible for the movement. One should select outsoles not only on the basis of weight but according to the court they play on. Different terrains need different outsoles to perform better.


Along with outsoles and other important features, insoles of the shoes are also to be considered while selecting the tennis shoes. Insoles are the first thing to be in contact with your foot and provide the primary support to your foot. The insoles should be comfortable and of full length to protect the foot and avoid injuries.


Tennis shoes should be comfortable as well as durable to perform well on the court. The material of the shoe plays an important role in making them ideal for the player. The material of the footwear should be checked to enhance traction, comfort, support and shock absorption.

Which shoe you should select for which kind of court?

When you’re into a sport like tennis, either professionally or unprofessionally it is very important to know on which court you’re going to play and which shoes would be appropriate for a particular tennis court.

Given below are some points you must observe while buying tennis shoes for different courts.

Clay Courts

There are common and most popular courts to play tennis. Clay courts are for those who love to hit hard shots with high speed. Some of the characteristic of shoes for clay courts are:-

1. Traction- Clay courts are dry and dusty and they need shoes that have excellent traction with a rubber sole.

2. Reinforced sides- Shoes that do not have reinforced sides tend to slip a lot on clay courts.

3. Flat outsole- Shoes with flat outsoles are perfect for clay courts as different tread patterns accumulate the dust of clay courts.

4. Lateral support- While playing tennis, you need shoes that provide you with an ample amount of support to crosscut and take frequent movements.

5. Tight shoe- Tight shoes are appropriate to secure your foot on all kinds of courts.

➜ Grass Courts

These are very less common and aren’t used much to play tennis. These courts are used to have a fast game and are ideal for people who like to change the net. Some of the preferred characteristics of shoes for grass courts are:-

1. Flat sole shoes- Grass is a different and different court to move on and perform gracefully flat tennis shoes that would avoid slippage and help you more effortlessly.

2. Traction- Grass courts, being slippery and less stable need shoes that have a great amount of traction on the soles. Good traction of the shoes helps to stay stable on the slippery grass surface.

3. Perfect fit- Tight and adequately fit shoes help you to hold them and make great contact with the ground and to move quickly.

➜ Hard Courts

These are hybrid courts, made up of combined features of clay court and grass court. These courts are supported by various players. Given below are some characteristics of shoes that work best in these courts.

1. Reinforced sides- Hard courts surface need to be reinforced built shoes because of their rough texture. Reinforced sides of a shoe make the cross-cut movements easy going and stable.

2. Supreme cushioning- Hardcourt surface are very rough and therefore, the foot requires excellent cushioning that should be adequately padded.

3. Rugged outsole shoe- Outsoles with different tread patterns are suitable in courts to maintain grip and have a smooth ride.

Best Tennis Shoes FAQs

Q. Can I wear normal sneakers while playing tennis?

People do wear daily sneakers while playing tennis but it is not the best option to do so. Tennis shoes are specially designed and equipped with those materials which help in providing full support. Tennis shoes should be ultimately supportive to improve the performance of the player.

Q. What is the best brand of tennis shoes?

There are various brands that manufacture and design particularly tennis shoes. However, there are some brands like Asics, Nike, and Adidas, that deliver the best option.

Q. What are the most comfortable tennis shoes?

After receiving the huge collections, brands and designs of tennis shoes we came across various shoes that come under the category of most comfortable ones. Most comfortable are those which have enough cushioning and padded insoles.

Q. What is the best hard court tennis shoe?

Shoes that have a good amount of traction and grip along with a combination of adequate cushioning and support can be considered as the best hard court tennis shoes.

Q. What are the best men’s tennis shoes?

Either for men or for women tennis shoes are designed quite equally and pretty much with basic technology. A pair with appropriate stability, support, traction. Fit and comfort are the best ones.

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